Author: Ron P

Stay on the Path

The path that God has me on is both a privilege and a peril. I sometimes feel burdened by it. Am I doing the right thing? What do others think? As long as I feel I am doing what God calls me to do, I am to not worry about what others think. What God is doing in me is not always revealed at first. As long as I continue to trust in what God is doing in and through me, stay on the path, His Blessings will continue to help me grow in the joy and peace He wants for us all!

Letting Go

For me, it has been a struggle to learn how to let things go! i have struggled with holding on to past hurts, and most of all, resentment towards others! I call it ”letting others live rent free inside my head”! Learning to let things go, to turn them over to God, hasn’t been easy for me. But, the more I practice that, the better I get at it. Im realizing that when I can do that, ”Let go and let God”, I can experience the peace and joy that God wants for us all! I want more of that peace!


As I continue on this journey called ”life”, God continues to reveal His Wisdom to me. One of the areas of my character He continues to grow is my patience. It is funny how God works! He has blessed me with a spouse who really tests my patience! Lol! It has been a struggle for me! Keeping my mouth shut! Trying to see things through my wife’s eyes! Learning to let things go! But, as I am able to become more patient, mostly by keeping my mouth shut, listening more, I can see and feel God working in me. It is very difficult for me at times to be patient, but by continuing to practice it, I continue to get better at it! I’ve heard it said that patience is a virtue! For me, it is one of the many blessings from God!

My Identity

For most of my life, I lived worrying about what others thought of me. Was I good enough? Did I do enough? I never seemed to be at peace! Once I started my relationship with Jesus, that all started to slowly change! Today, I know who I am. I have nothing to prove. Nobody to impress. But, only one to please! My identity is found in my relationship in Christ! Today, I can find the peace and joy in knowing that. I can now focus on others, instead of worrying about what others think.

Am I critical, or caring?

Do my words pull people towards me, or am I pushing them away? Am I criticizing, or caring? I have often, and still struggle, with the words I allow to come out of my mouth. I often struggle with listening to understand. I sometimes am more concerned about wanting to be understood. As I continue on this journey of discovering my prideful ways, God is slowly softening my hardened heart. He is helping me to become more caring, and less critical. I am truly grateful for that.

Upcoming gathering

Hi Guys,

Just a reminder that the next ISI gathering is coming up this Saturday, August 6th, from 6:30pm till 8:30pm. We have a great speaker talking about Abraham, and leaving a legacy. You won’t want to miss it. Let us know if you’re new, and need the location. See you all there!

Praying with our wives’

Heavenly Father,

I pray that You help us men to become intentional with praying with and for our spouses. Help us to seek Your Wisdom in leading our families. Help us to grow closer with each other as we grow closer to You. We give You all the Glory!



Am I praying enough with and for my wife? I am not consistent enough in doing this. I need to get better at being intentional with this. In those times that I do pray with my wife, I can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Starting my day with a short prayer with my wife helps us to set the tone for our day. Getting closer to God brings us closer together. We, as men, are called to be the Spiritual Leaders of our home. Praying with our spouses is a huge part of that! I need to get better at this!


Am I trying to be understanding in my relationships, or am I trying to be understood? I am getting better at trying to see that we all see things differently. My perspective is different from others perspective. The struggle for me is trying to get the other person, mostly, my spouse, to understand my way of seeing things. I am called to have the heart of a servant, which, for me, means I am supposed to try to see the other persons perspective. I am to try to understand first, instead of trying to be understood. For me, it’s about my pride. Wanting things my way! Being able to see the other person’s perspective first is a struggle, but I will keep working at it. Am I trying to win the battle, or win the relationship? How is your perspective?


As I continue on this journey God has me on, He continues to reveal my prideful ways. It is not an easy thing to see in myself. But, I continue to remain obedient. I continue to ask Him to reveal to me each day His Wisdom. Reveal to me His truth, not the lies I so often hear, and see in myself. I continue to ask Him to help me remain obedient! It is a tough journey for me at times, but as I allow God to soften my heart, my relationship with Him grows, which than improves my relationships here in this world! I will remain obedient!