My Identity

For most of my life, I lived worrying about what others thought of me. Was I good enough? Did I do enough? I never seemed to be at peace! Once I started my relationship with Jesus, that all started to slowly change! Today, I know who I am. I have nothing to prove. Nobody to impress. But, only one to please! My identity is found in my relationship in Christ! Today, I can find the peace and joy in knowing that. I can now focus on others, instead of worrying about what others think.

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Change Your Thoughts

Change your thoughts and change your world… If we can change our thoughts, we can change our attitudes. If we change our attitudes, we can change our actions. If our actions change then our behaviors follow. Finally,...
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Is Your Battery Charged?

Is your battery fully charged?..20 plus years ago when cell phones were new, they were an oddity and not something viewed as a necessity, just an expensive “toy” if you...
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Spiritual Bank Account

Got enough "stuff"? Years ago I was asked to help a man who had some personal life issues. I was still kind of new to the ministry and was a bit confused...
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Hitting the Spiritual Gym

Exercising in the Spirit. It seems that just about everyone has a physical fitness routine they try to follow daily. From gym memberships to hiking, biking, or running, most folks I know...
Author: Ron P