Author: Ron P


“We’re drowning in information but starving for wisdom.”

What am I feeding my soul with? What am I allowing into my mind? What kind of Information am I looking for?

I pray that I fill my mind with the right kind of information that will lead me to transformation!
The kind of information that gives me the wisdom to become who God created me to be.

Be the change you want to see

There are times in my life when I don’t like the direction I’m going. What do I do? To many times I point fingers. I may blame others, or the situation. What I didn’t do enough in the past was ask myself, ”what can I do to change things? What is in my control?” I didn’t have the courage or confidence in the past to do anything. I let life control me. That has changed. As I continue to grow in my relationship with Jesus, and the men He has out into my life, I am getting better at taking over the things I control. I am taking action. If I want to see things differently in my life, I have to take a step. One step at a time! If I want to see change in my life, it has to start with me. I have to be the change in my life that I want to happen.