Letting Go

For me, it has been a struggle to learn how to let things go! i have struggled with holding on to past hurts, and most of all, resentment towards others! I call it ”letting others live rent free inside my head”! Learning to let things go, to turn them over to God, hasn’t been easy for me. But, the more I practice that, the better I get at it. Im realizing that when I can do that, ”Let go and let God”, I can experience the peace and joy that God wants for us all! I want more of that peace!

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Real Leaders Serve

The difference between a leader and a boss...At various points in our lives we find that we have different authority figures who we either report to or are held accountable....
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How’s Your Grip?

 Get a grip… There is a big difference between being in the grip and in getting a grip. When something has a grip on us, like an illness, we are almost powerless...
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Looking for the Good

Looking for the good in all situations...Perhaps it's different for you, but I have this magic magnifying glass in my mind that automatically tries to find the negative in everything...
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Leaders Serve

 Leading by example...It seems to be an American cultural norm that we all have to "make it to the top" of whatever work or career path we are on. The media...
Author: Ron P