Am I praying enough with and for my wife? I am not consistent enough in doing this. I need to get better at being intentional with this. In those times that I do pray with my wife, I can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Starting my day with a short prayer with my wife helps us to set the tone for our day. Getting closer to God brings us closer together. We, as men, are called to be the Spiritual Leaders of our home. Praying with our spouses is a huge part of that! I need to get better at this!

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Helping Others Helps You

Look for the helpers… Tragic events have hopefully shown us that we are capable of caring for, praying for, and helping others in need. It’s sad that it takes enormous tragedy to...
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Drop the Rocks

Drop the rocks...Did you ever notice that in times of stress, fear, or extended worry your back usually aches and your shoulders and neck are stiff and tight? Sheesh! What's up with...
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Love Does

Love is all you need…. We have answers and solutions and fixes for just about everything imaginable these days. The internet, TV, and most brick-and-mortar retail stores have the ability to sell...
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Leaders Serve

 Leading by example...It seems to be an American cultural norm that we all have to "make it to the top" of whatever work or career path we are on. The media...
Author: Ron P