Am I trying to be understanding in my relationships, or am I trying to be understood? I am getting better at trying to see that we all see things differently. My perspective is different from others perspective. The struggle for me is trying to get the other person, mostly, my spouse, to understand my way of seeing things. I am called to have the heart of a servant, which, for me, means I am supposed to try to see the other persons perspective. I am to try to understand first, instead of trying to be understood. For me, it’s about my pride. Wanting things my way! Being able to see the other person’s perspective first is a struggle, but I will keep working at it. Am I trying to win the battle, or win the relationship? How is your perspective?

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Prayer Destroys Worry

Some loaves and a few fish….. Sometimes when worldly needs and demands pile up we can begin to feel overwhelmed with responsibilities and requests that our minds have a hard time...
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We Gotta Supply the Mustard

 We gotta supply the mustard...There is a good story about prayer I learned long ago. It's a reflective question and goes something like this; If you sit in a dark closet all...
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Adjusting Our Focus

Just focus… It’s a tall order these days to keep our minds focused and clear. It seems that no matter where we go, or what we are doing there are sights, sounds,...
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Hearing check…Our hearing comes in all forms. Did you know that along with the ears attached to our head we also have other ears? We have mental ears that allow our human...
Author: Ron P