Am I critical, or caring?

Do my words pull people towards me, or am I pushing them away? Am I criticizing, or caring? I have often, and still struggle, with the words I allow to come out of my mouth. I often struggle with listening to understand. I sometimes am more concerned about wanting to be understood. As I continue on this journey of discovering my prideful ways, God is slowly softening my hardened heart. He is helping me to become more caring, and less critical. I am truly grateful for that.

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Seasons in Our Lives

Seasons...It seems we have seasons for everything in our lives. We have clothes for the changing seasons. Heck, even Arizonans have a jacket in the closet somewhere! We have football, baseball, basketball, hockey,...
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Which Way to Go?

“You can go your own way"... A great song by Fleetwood Mac. It’s great to be independent and it’s our nature to be self-sufficient and self-supporting. Yet, we still need to get our...
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Labor Day

Are you serving or being served?.. This is a thought to consider as we celebrate Labor Day today. It’s easy to sit and be served. We experience this at restaurants, hair salons, doctor...
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Friends in Low Places

We’ve got friends in low places…. It’s obvious that Jesus came to save the lost, and they were all drawn to Him, but the religious establishment of the time complained about...
Author: Ron P