Where is Your Treasure?

“For wherever your treasure is, there will be your heart also.” Luke 12:34 

I enjoy this verse because it brings me instant perspective along with a truthful reminder to watch my motives and efforts. 

When I am struggling, frustrated, stressed, and just plain mad, reflecting on this verse gives me the path I need to take to find happiness and let go of whatever it is that is causing these negative emotions and feelings inside of me.

Do I WANT to look at myself at times like this? 

Heck no! 

I like to sit in anger and resentment and focus on the wrongs that I perceive being done to me! 

I have learned that I must look in order to restore order to my mind and peace to my soul. 

I look at my motives first. 

I ask myself what I am trying to gain, get, or avoid through my actions, attitudes, desires, and behaviors. 

I next look at my efforts.

Am I sitting in the negativity of the situation? 

Am I refusing to see the other side? 

Am I willing to accept this person, place, thing, or situation exactly as it is for this moment and refocus my mind toward the positive attitude I need to move on? 

This is when I learn firsthand where my “treasure” is. 

When I look at my motives and efforts, I can see where my heart is! 

Lord let us fill our hearts with the treasures of Your Truth, Grace, and Love, AMEN. 

 “As we felt new power flow in, as we enjoyed the peace of mind, as we discovered we could face life successfully, as we became conscious of His presence, we began to lose our fear of today, tomorrow or the hereafter.” Big Book pg. 63 

Have a blessed day Y’all! 

Join me in looking at the things we face daily with passages from both the Big Book and Bible! 


How about a daily dose of hope and inspired thought? 
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