Resolution or Decision?

Didja make a New Years Resolution or a DECISION?.. 

There is a huge difference between a resolution and a decision. 

Resolutions allow us to claim a change and support a thought while requiring little or no action. 

DECISIONS are based on actions that come from thoughts that motivate us to apply changes to our thinking, behaviors, and actions. 

Resolutions sound good but DECISIONS bring about the needed action required for change. 

We have a fresh slate of 365 days folks, what’s it gonna be for you?…

Check your experience… 

“To be vital, faith must be accompanied by self-sacrifice and unselfish, constructive action.” Big Book pg 93 

Lord, let us apply the actions to bring about the needed changes in our lives, AMEN. 

 “See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness.” Isaiah 43:19 

What if you had a person who coached and mentored you in building a better life?  

Inspired 365 Life Coaching with Mark Farley!! 

Want a one-on-one coach to get you out of where you are?  

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