Know Who You Follow

Watch who and what you follow… 

 Remember playing follow the leader as a child? 

While it was a fun game, it only required action to do what the leader did and not much thought was needed. 

Sadly we do this with some parts of our lives as adults. 

Some of us don’t give much thought to who we associate with, what we are doing privately, professionally, and even spiritually. 

Perhaps it’s different for you, but I have blindly followed only to end up in some bad situations due to my lack of participating with my mind and heart. 

The challenge God gives us daily is to build relationships with Him through Jesus, His Word, and fellowship with other believers. 

How is this working out for you?…

Check your experience… 

“Follow the dictates of a Higher Power and you will presently live in a new and wonderful world, no matter what your present circumstances!” Big Book pg 100 

Lord, let us stop the pattern of blindly following others and look to see what is good, AMEN. 

 “My dear friend, do not follow what is bad; follow what is good. The one who does good belongs to God. But the one who does evil has never known God.” 3 John 1:11 

Have a blessed day Y’all! 

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