Did I make my kids feel that they had to live up to ”MY” expectations for their lives?

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Actions Over Words

Actions speak louder than words ... Action is the difference between resolving to do something and the change that occurs from doing it. Think about it. While our words are important, actions create...
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Minding What Matters

When we mind what matters, what matters will be on our mind… It’s pretty easy to see what matters to us. Just look at who we associate with and what we tend...
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Who/What Do You Worship?

Foreign gods of today. .What do you worship? Believe it or not, some folks blindly serve another god in the form of money, work, or material possession. Heck, some of us might...
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Change Comes From Within

The change must come from within…Have you ever noticed that the folks around you who take steps to improve their lives are changing things within themselves first?  Think about it......
Author: Ron P