Helping Others Frees You

Hang on, help is on the way…

One of the most freeing experiences for me is to help another person.

It frees me from the burden of self and puts perspective onto my self-centered perceptions of my challenges and problems. 

Now maybe it’s different for you, but when I can place my focus on helping another, my heart gets filled with not only a refreshing humility from the service, but also,..

I gain a fresh perspective when I revisit my issue or challenge and it no longer appears to be such a problem, but a manageable challenge. 

This is how the Holy Spirit works in us and among us. 

Give it a try next time you feel your chips are down. Reach out and help someone and see how your day changes!..

Check your experience… 

“Then we resolutely turn our thoughts to someone we can help.” Big Book pg. 84 

Lord, let us look to help others and be of service, in order to gain perspective on our issues and challenges, AMEN. 

“Help each other in troubles and problems. This is the kind of law Christ asks us to obey.” Galatians 6:2

Have a blessed day Y’all! 

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