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1 Thessalonians 2:14 – You Suffered the Same Things

Throughout its history, Christianity has had a common affliction. This affliction occurs in those who reject the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ.  When the Gospel – the Word of...
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Offer a Hand Up Instead of a Hand Out

Give a hand up and not a handout…  Have you ever noticed that when you give stuff to people for free, they will usually take it?  It’s a nice thing...
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Unlimited Energy Source!

What is your energy source?...  Every day, about mid-afternoon, I get that rundown and tired feeling.It’s usually during the middle of whatever I am working at or trying to focus...
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Watch Your Tongue!

Watch your tongue… It’s that time of year when we gather together with family, friends, and others to fellowship, celebrate, and spend time with others that we may not see that...
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