Choosing Our Words

Choose your words…

Words can either heal, help, or hurt, depending on how we choose to use them. 

One of the things we can’t recall, rewind, or take back are the words that come flying from our mouths fueled by fear, anger, or other emotions of the moment. 

I have learned painfully over the years that it’s best for me to not let the emotions of the moment inside of me fuel my words. 

I have found that when, instead of letting my emotions of the moment lead the charge of my “verbal vomit”,..

I quietly give the words to God and let the Holy Spirit guide my emotions and quiet my will, so that I can use better words for the situation…

Check your experience…

“Patience, tolerance, understanding and love are the watchwords.” Big Book pg. 118 

Lord let the words we choose be fueled with love, kindness, and encouragement, AMEN. 

“The right word spoken at the right time is as beautiful as gold apples in a silver bowl.” Proverbs 25:11 

Have a blessed day Y’all! 

Join us in prayer and with your financial support as we tackle the challenge of helping and mentoring young adults aging out of the Foster Care System. 

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