Turning blessings into burdens

One of the battles I struggle with quite often is taking the blessings that God has given me, and turning them into burdens! I tend to look at things in my life, and instead of being grateful, I am sometimes hateful! For me, it seems always easier to focus on the bad in something, instead of being grateful that I am blessed to have it. One area of that is in my marriage! I need to change my focus! It is a blessing, and not a burden! I have to change my perspective! I need to look at my wife through God’s eyes, and not mine!

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Getting is in the Giving

We get out of it what we put into it...Here is a twist of thinking I learned long ago that has not only helped me to grow as a person,...
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Love is an Action Word

Actions speak louder than words...Maybe it's just me, but every now and then, I find some good messages in the ad jingles that constantly assault us on TV and other...
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Uncover, Discover, Discard

Uncover Discover Discard…One of the best ways to move forward is to understand our past. Experience has taught me and those I trust and learn from that while we can learn...
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Humility not Humiliation

Humility is way different than humiliation…. Humility is a good virtue that allows us to acknowledge others and respect their dignity, talents, and opinions. Humility is not weakness; it’s a spirit of...
Author: Ron P