Turning blessings into burdens

One of the battles I struggle with quite often is taking the blessings that God has given me, and turning them into burdens! I tend to look at things in my life, and instead of being grateful, I am sometimes hateful! For me, it seems always easier to focus on the bad in something, instead of being grateful that I am blessed to have it. One area of that is in my marriage! I need to change my focus! It is a blessing, and not a burden! I have to change my perspective! I need to look at my wife through God’s eyes, and not mine!

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Armchair Quarterback

Armchair quarterback... I am a fan of football and other sports. Just because I watch a lot of sports does not qualify me to be an expert or a paid professional. I am...
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Got Heart?

The heart of the matter… Have you ever noticed folks that are extremely focused on whatever task, cause, or action they are performing or participating in? It seems something unseen is driving...
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Judge and Jury?

But I just wanna be judged by my INTENTIONS while I judge you by your ACTIONS. ...Well that’s just dandy isn’t it?!?Maybe it’s just me, and perhaps you cannot relate,...
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What do your eyes focus on?... Have you ever considered that our eyes have the ability to not only help us see, but also to direct our actions based on our...
Author: Ron P