Trading the Truth for a Lie

Truth or consequences… 

Perhaps you have a better handle on this, but it can get confusing for me at times to know when I am getting the truth or a lie with respect to information. 

Looking at information for just about anything these days takes a measure or patience mixed with persistence to sort through the word vomit and visual imagery to learn the truth needed to make a decision. 

Trying to help Miss Tami find sunscreen for her face became a hunting expedition as we read ingredients and learned about all kinds of scary stuff that is part of the ingredients in some brands. 

I am neither a scientist nor an expert, but it seems to me that putting various concoctions and mixtures of alcohol and mineral oils on one one’s face cannot be good in the long run, let alone make a good sunscreen for sensitive skin! 

 Experience, trust, and faith are the anchors I depend on to get me through. 

We found the brand she likes and lo and behold, no alcohol or mineral based petroleum products are used! 

This experience leads me to my thought for today,.. 

How are we reading the ingredients that we are putting into our spiritual lives? 

Are we getting the good soul food from God’s Word or….

Are we getting “junk food” and chemical substitutes that make us feel good for the moment but have no lasting spiritual nutritional value?…

Check your experience…

“We have seen the truth demonstrated again and again:” Big Book pg. 33 

Lord, let us look for Your Truth in seeking Your will and learning from Your Word, AMEN. 

“They exchanged the truth of God for a lie,” Romans 1:25 

Have a blessed day Y’all! 

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