For me, I truly believe that my relationships are the most challenging, yet most rewarding experiences that I will ever have and go through in my life! For me, in my marriage, am I fighting about it, or am I fighting for it? Am I trying to win the battles, or am I trying to win the relationship? I struggle with wanting to always be right. Thinking my ways are the best ways! Being prideful! Those are times when I find myself fighting about the relationship. If I can swallow my pride, and realize that we want the same things in our marriage, but that we just have different ways of achieving them, neither way being right or wrong, just different, than I can continue to fight for our relationship! I have to have that mindset in all my relationships. In the end, all that matters is God and people!

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Fear Source

So where does fear come from?..  Fear is one of those 4 letter words that cause discomfort and pain. It’s interesting to me to see the power this word has over our...
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Change Agent

There is one thing that doesn't change...Change is constant in our world. Styles change, seasons change, tastes change, and our preferences change too. Change never seems to stop, and it can...
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Different Yet the Same

Different yet the same... Observing people is a hobby of mine. I enjoy learning from others and behavior is usually indicative of a person's habits. Over the years I have seen a blessed...
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Watch Your Tongue!

Watch your tongue… It’s that time of year when we gather together with family, friends, and others to fellowship, celebrate, and spend time with others that we may not see that...
Author: Ron P