Personal Power Source

What is your power source?..

Red Bull, coffee, Protein shakes, Power Bars, and all sorts of other products promise us energy. 

Many other products promise to enhance our power. Bodybuilders and folks into fitness and exercise routines gain physical strength and stamina, but, ….

Where do we really get our POWER from? 

 We see stories from time to time about folks doing superhuman feats to save another or help someone in danger. 

I bet if you take a look at the events of your lifetime there have been a few times where you have had to “dig deep” to find that extra needed effort to complete a task or endure an unpleasant situation. 

Where did that power come from? 

Honestly, I know I am lying to myself if I try to claim it came only from me. 

I know for fact that through my faith in God and my walk with Jesus that He equips me with the power I need for every situation. 

 How about you?..

Where does your power come from? …

Check your experience. … 

“We had to find a power by which we could live, and it had to be a Power greater than ourselves.” Big Book pg. 45 

Lord thank you for giving us the strength we need to not only accomplish the task or endure the situation, but also to allow You to work through us to help others, AMEN. 

 “I can do all things because Christ gives me the strength.” Philippians 4:13 

Have a blessed day Y’all! 

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