Am I being persistent, pushing through my struggles, moving ahead to where I know i need to go, or am I giving up? Am I taking the easy way out? For me, pushing through tough times is a challenge! I don’t always do what I know what is right. I give up! But, continuing to look up, not out, and reaching out to the men in my life for help, helps me to push through the tough times. To be persistent! I am grateful for the people God has blessed me with in my life!

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Trading the Truth for a Lie

Exchanging the truth for a lie… Part of being human and having free will is dealing with the constant challenges we face daily for our attention and focus. There are all kinds...
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Faith Comes From Experience

Have you ever thought about whether or not the light would come on before you turned the light switch on? Because I have the familiar experience of having successfully done it...
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No Pain No Gain

No gain....Maybe it's different for you, but I can honestly say that I do not enjoy pain of any kind in any form. I don't intentionally go looking for it...
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Responding or Reacting?

Don’t drop to their level… Sometimes we encounter people, places, or things that are neither pleasant, nor supportive. Now maybe it’s different for you, but my initial gut reaction (get it?.. REACT-ion)...
Author: Ron P