Leading From the back seat


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Add Some Light to It

Let’s throw a little light on the subject...Light sure makes things easier for us. We have different lights for different needs. Sunlight is necessary for all living things. Light bulbs give us access,...
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We Get What We Give

We get what we give.... This is a spiritual axiom that holds true no matter what the situation. We get out of "it" exactly what we put into “it”. Whether it be our...
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True Power Source

Power sources… It’s amazing and enjoyable to see the many lighting and lawn displays this time of year as we celebrate the Christmas season. What a credit it is to our resourcefulness...
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Why Knowing the Word of God is so Important

Lifeway Research and Ligonier Ministries conduct a bi-annual "The State of Theology" survey to essentially take the theological temperature of the United States. I am sure that many of you...
Author: Ron P