How’s Your Footing?

 How’s your footing? … 

Sometimes we find ourselves on rocky, cluttered, or unstable paths as we try to walk. 

When we encounter these challenges, we usually become a bit more wary of each step and sometimes consider changing our path. 

We don’t necessarily need to change the goal or the destination, but perhaps change the way we are trying to get there. 

 We can and will encounter some unstable paths in life and along our Spiritual walk as well. 

It’s in those times we can look to the Holy Spirit to guide us and set us on a clear and more stable path instead of trying to seek an easier, softer way on our own. 

How do you find firm footing spiritually? … 

Check your experience… 

“Established on such a footing we became less and less interested in ourselves, our little plans and designs.” Big Book pg. 63 

Lord, let us look to You to establish our footing when we find ourselves on shaky ground, AMEN. 

 “You cleared the ground under me so my footing was firm.” 2 Samuel 22:37 

Have a blessed day Y’all!! 

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