Got Heart?

The heart of the matter… 
Have you ever noticed folks that are extremely focused on whatever task, cause, or action they are performing or participating in? 
It seems something unseen is driving their behavior and or actions. 
While I am sure you have your own examples, my favorites are the basketball greats, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan. 
Those guys could inspire others to perform at the higher level they performed. 
What is that unseen thing that drives their talents and efforts? 
We have it too, and it’s called heart. 
Have you ever noticed that when you put your heart into what you are doing, it seems to go better?… 
Check your experience… 
 “His change of heart was dramatic, convincing, and moving.” Big Book pg 55 
Lord, let us put our Spirit-filled heart into whatever we are doing, AMEN. 
 “…we do not lose heart,” 2 Corinthians 4:1 
Have a blessed day y’all! 
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