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1 Thessalonians 2:14 – You Suffered the Same Things

Throughout its history, Christianity has had a common affliction. This affliction occurs in those who reject the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ.  When the Gospel – the Word of God – is preached, people either accept it or reject it.  When they cover their ears and harden their hearts, Satan has a field day.  They become his playground, and useful idiots for his purpose, which is to discredit and destroy God.  Satan’s people then – through their own poor choice of turning away to the dark things of this world – often decide it makes good sense to persecute God’s elect with whom they disagree. Paul recounts this kind of situation in his first letter to the Thessalonian church.  He tells them in 1 Thessalonians 2:2 that what he had previously experienced was not wasted: But though we had already suffered and been shamefully treated at Philippi, as you know, we had boldness in our God to declare to you the gospel of God amid much conflict.

Are You Teachable?

Becoming teachable…

Remember the last time you were able to lay aside your preconceived notions, expectations, and self-made opinions in order to truly learn something new? 

Yeah, it’s been a while for me too! 

Part of having free will and becoming an adult is this magic magnifying mind that we have that likes to unconsciously grow and feed from our perceptions and experiences. 

It tries to predict situations for us as well as attempts to harden our hearts through our own self-made assessments and judgments. 

Until we stop this process and set aside the ability and power it has over us, we cease to truly grow spiritually. 

 Kids don’t have this. 

They look at us with wide eyes and open minds thirsty to learn. 

It’s only when we can open our minds willingly in this manner can God truly teaches us and fill our hearts with His Spirit and wisdom. 

Are you still willing and able to be teachable? …

Check your experience. … 

“But after a while, we had to face the fact that we must find a spiritual basis of life or else.” Big Book pg 44 

Lord let us set aside our own thoughts and become teachable like a child for Your Word, AMEN. 

“He said: I tell you the truth unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3 

Have a blessed day Y’all! 

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Heart Matters

The human heart is at the heart of the human problem… 

 It’s part of our nature to blame people, places, and things when it doesn’t turn out like we want. 

This thinking is built into our culture as well as society. 

Don’t trust me, just tune into any news broadcast or media report and the finger-pointing and blame placing is the major part of the story. 

This thinking, when allowed to dominate our thoughts, covers our hearts and makes it hard for the Sunlight of the Spirit to flow through our hearts and minds. 

Now don’t get me wrong, bad things do happen and there can be other people, places, or things involved. 
That is what our justice system is for. 

What about the veil of negativity and closed-mindedness we are left with covering our hearts and minds? 

I mean it’s hard to trust others, especially these days, 

It is a spiritual principle that we have to GIVE in order to GET, 

We must put away our negativity and mistrust and replace it with grace and faith. 

If we can open our hearts to allow Jesus to fill us with His Holy Spirit and to cover and protect us with His grace, then things turn out better… 

Check your experience… 

“Here was something at work in a human heart which had done the impossible.” Big Book pg 11 

Lord, let us turn our hearts and minds over to the care of Your will and grace, AMEN. 

“Yes, even today when they read Moses’ writings, their hearts are covered with that veil, and they do not understand.” 2 Corinthians 3:15 

Have a blessed day Y’all! 

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Who is Calling?

Looking at your Caller ID… 

Modern technology provides us with many conveniences that make our lives easier as well as more informed. 

From instant information available to all on the internet to digital medical records that doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies securely share, these benefits enable us to lead easier and more productive lives. 

One thing I particularly enjoy is caller ID. 

Back in the day when the wall phone in the kitchen rang, w
e had to answer it no matter what and we never knew who was calling. 

Caller ID has simplified my life. 

If you are on my contact list, I know it’s you and I will answer, if you are unknown to me, then you get to speak to the voice mail I check once a week! 

Spiritually speaking we have the same opportunity with the calls on our hearts and souls. 

God uses Jesus and the Holy Spirit to call on us through our hearts to not only help us but also show us His will for us. 

Because God loves us unconditionally, He gives us the free will to choose to take His call or not. 

What is our choice to be?.. 

Check your experience… 

 “There had been a humble willingness to have Him with me — and He came.” Big Book pg 12 

Lord, let us answer Your call knowing You have the answer for us as well as the way of grace and peace, AMEN.

 “…lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God.” Ephesians 4:1 

Have a blessed day Y’all!! 

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What goes around COMES around. .. 

Have you ever played with a bouncing ball? 

Did you notice that it always comes back to you with the same force you give it? 

Now I am not trying to teach physics, but the ball example contains today’s spiritual thought. 

I have learned over the years that my relationships with people, places, and things have the same effect. 

We GET what we GIVE. It’s a spiritual principle. 

When I treat others with grace, I get grace and when I throw out grief and negativity, I get it right back. 

 Check your experience. … 

“Just to the extent that we do as we think He would have us, and humbly rely on Him, does He enable us to match calamity with serenity.” Big Book pg 68. 

Lord, let us give others the same grace and joy that you freely give us, AMEN. 

“So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you,” Matthew 7:12 

Have a blessed day y’all! 

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Helping and Sharing

Something to share instead of give…. 

It seems from the time we can walk; we are taught that it’s good to share with others. 

Somehow as the years go by and we become adults this spiritual principle gets twisted in our communications as well as our understanding to become it’s good to give. 

Now maybe your experience is different from mine, but I feel there is a huge difference between giving and sharing. 

We give to get. 

We share to help. 

I give my time to my employer to get a paycheck. 

I give money to retailers to get their goods and services. 

However, I share my heart, my resources, money, and time with others in an effort to help and be of service. 

One of the great benefits of sharing is the unexpected blessings I get. 

My heart fills with humble joy each time I am given a opportunity to help and share with others. 

Are you giving or sharing?… 

Check your experience… 

“Helping others is the foundation stone” Big Book pg. 97 

Lord, let our hearts look to see how we can share to help others and not just give to get, AMEN. 

 “And don’t forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God.” Hebrews 13:16 

Have a blessed day Y’all! 

Join me in looking at the things we face daily with passages from both the Big Book and Bible! 

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Consider the Source

Consider the source…. 

It’s pretty easy these days to learn just about anything on the internet. 

What is interesting to me is that our whole culture seems to be adapting to this form or information gathering. 

While this is helpful to have instant access, it can also be harmful at times if we don’t consider the source. 

Most information is fueled by a person or host site. 

Depending on what their preferences and opinions are, it seems the facts can be twisted to carry the message they want to share. 

Our current political climate is a great example. 

I will share what I have learned from personal experience and that is this simple fact…

Just because it’s on the internet, TV, or radio, does not mean it’s true! 

Jesus gave us a great example of dealing with His era of social media when He walked the earth with His statement about casting the first stone. 

Please do yourself a favor and consider the source of the information you are gathering before you form your opinions and, as always,.. 

Check your experience … 

“but we let God be the final judge.” Big Book pg. 70 

Lord, let us look at our actions, efforts, and behaviors and leave the judging of others up to you, AMEN. 

“Let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!” John 8:7 

 Have a blessed day Y’all! 

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Know Who You Follow

Watch who and what you follow… 

 Remember playing follow the leader as a child? 

While it was a fun game, it only required action to do what the leader did and not much thought was needed. 

Sadly we do this with some parts of our lives as adults. 

Some of us don’t give much thought to who we associate with, what we are doing privately, professionally, and even spiritually. 

Perhaps it’s different for you, but I have blindly followed only to end up in some bad situations due to my lack of participating with my mind and heart. 

The challenge God gives us daily is to build relationships with Him through Jesus, His Word, and fellowship with other believers. 

How is this working out for you?…

Check your experience… 

“Follow the dictates of a Higher Power and you will presently live in a new and wonderful world, no matter what your present circumstances!” Big Book pg 100 

Lord, let us stop the pattern of blindly following others and look to see what is good, AMEN. 

 “My dear friend, do not follow what is bad; follow what is good. The one who does good belongs to God. But the one who does evil has never known God.” 3 John 1:11 

Have a blessed day Y’all! 

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Terminal Uniqueness

Suffering from terminal uniqueness… 

Have you ever noticed how different it feels when you are faced with an unusual experience or uneasy situation? 

 Now perhaps it’s different for you, but this selfish head of mine tries to make me feel isolated and alone and justify all the wrong elements that go against my moral fibers and character. 

It’s like my head is trying to get me to turn my back on my faith and give in to those old ways that brought me nothing but chaos, calamity, and crisis. 

The blessing I have is that when I face these experiences or situations today, my heart gently reminds me almost immediately of the Holy Spirit within me and that I am not alone. 

I find that when I share these times with others walking the spiritual path with me that they have also experienced things of this nature, and I am not terminally unique! 

Are you allowing your head to isolate you from your heart and others?.. 

Check your experience… 

“But there exists among us a fellowship, a friendliness, and an understanding which is indescribably wonderful.” Big Book pg. 17 

Lord, let us look in our hearts for your Spirit and rely on our faith and fellowship with others to immunize us from terminal uniqueness, AMEN. 

 “The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand. When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure.” 1 Corinthians 10:13 

Have a blessed day Y’all! 

Join me in looking at the things we face daily with passages from both the Big Book and Bible! 

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Why Knowing the Word of God is so Important

Lifeway Research and Ligonier Ministries conduct a bi-annual “The State of Theology” survey to essentially take the theological temperature of the United States. I am sure that many of you have heard of this or other studies that show a growing apostacy in the church. The results of this year’s State of Theology are another example of awful news for Christians and it seems that the underlying problem is a lack of reading and understanding the Bible by those that are devoted to the faith.

This study focuses not just on the general population, but additionally on the beliefs of evangelical Christians. The survey identifies evangelicals as Christian believers who agree that the Bible is the highest authority for what someone believes, that it is important for non-Christians to trust Jesus Christ as their savior, that Jesus’ death on the cross is the only sacrifice that removes the penalty of humanity’s sin, and that only those who trust in Him alone receive God’s grace as a free gift of eternal salvation.  

Does God Change?

While the Bible establishes in Isaiah 46:10, Malachi 3:6, James 1:17, and 1 John 3:20 that God cannot and does not change, 48% of evangelicals believe that God learns and adapts to various situations. In other words, they believe that God does change and the general U.S. population concurs with this belief at 51%, or only 3% higher than evangelicals!

Are We Born Innocent?

The Bible establishes the concept of original sin in the account of Adam and Eve’s rebellion in the garden of Eden, where humans became corrupted. Since the fall, every human being inherits a sin nature from the time of their conception (Psalms 51:5 and Romans 5:12). The Bible clearly indicates we are not sinners because we sin, but that we sin because we are sinners. Somehow, 65% of evangelicals are confused about this foundational truth and agreed that everyone is “born innocent in the eyes of God,” denying the doctrine of original sin, and with it, the very reason that people need salvation in the first place!

Is Jesus Christ God?

One of the most stunning results of this year’s survey is the increasing number of evangelicals who deny the divinity of Jesus Christ. Jesus’ divinity is acknowledged throughout the Bible, which clearly asserts that Jesus is indeed God (John 1:1; 8:58; Romans 9:5; Hebrews 1:1-4). When asked whether they agreed that “Jesus was a great teacher …but not God,” 43% of American evangelicals answered yes. That number is up 13% from just two years ago!

Does God Accept The Worship of All Religions?

Crucial to Biblical Christianity is Jesus’ own assertion that He alone is “the way, and the truth, and the life,” and that “no one comes to the Father except through him” (John 14:6). Incredibly, 56% of evangelicals agreed with the idea that “God accepts the worship of all religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam,” in contrast to Jesus’ words in Matthew that without Him, “no one knows the Father” (Matthew 11:27). It is very concerning that these survey results reveal an increasingly unbiblical belief among evangelicals that God is pleased by worship that comes from those outside the Christian faith!

Why have so many evangelicals fallen away from Biblical truths while still believing the Bible is accurate? Most (95%) still agree with the statement that “the Bible is 100% accurate in all that it teaches.” So, while many professing Christians still believe in the Bible, they are simply ignorant of what the Bible teaches. The problem most likely stems from either not being taught the Bible in church, not taking the time to read it on their own, or just not caring enough to learn.

Unfortunately, it is presumed that Biblical doctrine does not matter to faith in many corners of evangelicalism these days. This lack of strict adherence to Scripture can take at least two forms:

  1. Hyper-emotionalism: thinking that God will settle for our sincerity and our affection, despite whether our beliefs are true.
  2. Hyper-politicization: thinking that it really matters whom you vote for and what group you belong to, not what you believe about the essential truth of the Gospel or the claims of Christ.

Despite these cultural trends, Jesus was very clear in what he said: “God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the spirit and in truth.” It was for this reason that the divine Logos came into the world “to testify to the truth,” and it is only the truth that sets us free. It is interesting to me that in the Old Testament, idolatry is portrayed not only as worshipping a false God but worshipping a false idea of who God is, such as was the case with the Golden Calf incident.

A positive note from this survey is what it revealed about controversial topics and moral issues: 91% of evangelicals agreed that abortion is a sin and 94% agreed that sex outside of traditional marriage is a sin. However, these affirmations are overshadowed by 28% who agreed that Scripture’s condemnation of homosexual behavior “doesn’t apply today.”

In summary, we will never have a clear sense of God’s attributes without a biblical understanding of who Jesus is and the absolute authority He wields over all creation. Whether we obtain this knowledge in church or through Bible study, it is critical that we clearly understand God’s omnipotence, immutability, character, and work in the world as well as how He sees us and what He requires of us. If our beliefs are established in our political viewpoints or some ambiguous notion of God’s “goodness,” we will have simply obtained a “form of godliness, while denying its power.”

The findings of this study demonstrate a need for many so-called Christians to repent, for many churches to renew their commitments to teaching the entire Bible, and for all of us who claim to follow Christ to commit our hearts and minds to truly knowing who He is and who He has revealed Himself to be! Certainly, sharing the Gospel in this day requires more than just sharing the love of Jesus – we who know the truth must share the whole truth to non-believers as well as those Christians who are lukewarm.