Can’t Keep It Unless…

 We can’t keep it unless we give it away…. 

 It is a wonderful feeling to be able to help another person with no expectation of a gain or a return.

Perhaps you have experienced this spiritual principle enough to know the powerful blessing it brings to you and those you help.

Just being able to help another is humbling for me, 
for there was a season for me over 32 years ago when I had nothing to give and not much hope. 

Thank goodness for the Salvation Army who loved me until I could learn to love myself again.  

Walking with Jesus and and staying  active in 12 Step  has blessed my life far better than I could have ever imagined with Miss Tami, Miss Kai, and all the gifts of friends, family, ministry, and service work I have in my life today. 

I know from experience that we cannot keep it unless we give it away.  

…check your experience…   

“Helping others is the foundation stone” Big Book pg 97  
Lord, thank you for the bounty of blessings and the ability to help others not as blessed as we are right now, AMEN. 

“Because you have these blessings, do your best to add these things to your lives: to your faith, add goodness; and to your goodness, add knowledge; and to your knowledge, add self-control; and to your self-control, add patience; and to your patience, add service for God; and to your service for God, add kindness for your brothers and sisters in Christ; and to this kindness, add love.”  2 Peter 1: 5-7  

Have a blessed day Y’all! 

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