Bible Reading April 30 – May 11

Daily Discipleship With Chip Invisible War

In this 12-day challenge in Ephesians 6, Chip takes just 10 minutes a day to reveal what God has to say about Satan’s goals and tactics, the spiritual armor God offers us, and the confidence we can have about our sure victory over the Enemy.

About this Bible Reading Plan
Length: 12 Days
Start: April 12, 2024
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Bible Reading June 8 – 17

Who I Am In ChristWho are you? This question often receives a reply that states something we do. Yet, our identity comes from who God says we are—not what we...
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Bible Reading May 12 – 18

Revelation Explained Part 6 | The End As We Know ItArmageddon. Mystery Babylon. The Second Coming. The Wedding Feast of the Lamb. What does it all mean? In Part 6...
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Bible Reading July 15 – 19

The Secret Battle Of Ideas About GodDon’t let Secularism, Marxism, Islam, New Spirituality, or Postmodernism infect your understanding of God. Learn how to defend and protect your faith from the dangerous...
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Bible Reading May 23 – 25

9 Common Lies Christians Believe: Part 2 Of 3Maybe God isn’t who you think He is. Maybe He’s much better. This devotional will help identify some Christian clichés we’ve all...
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