Something I read just now:
For me, there is so much truth in this:

“Too often men spend their lives seeking things and the perfect circumstances. We grew up anticipating the next stage when life would be perfect: when I can drive, when I get a job, when I get a car, when I get married, when I have children, when I can retire, and on it goes. But there is never enough stuff, never the perfect life. However, when we seek the Lord, look for His direction, listen to His voice, and rejoice in His answers, Jesus offers a profound sense of joy!”

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What Goes Around Comes Around

What goes around COMES around... Have you ever played with a bouncing ball? Did you notice that it always comes back to you with the same force you give it? Now I am...
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Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

Don't drink the Kool-Aid, just drink the water... We buy products based on our experience. I have learned the hard way that a pretty package can be misleading. It's what's inside that counts. We...
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Renewing Our Spirit

New day, fresh start, new attitude... Sometimes we get into the routine of our daily lives and what used to be exciting or fresh in our hearts becomes dulled by the...
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Actions Over Intentions

Actions bring results … Perhaps you are free of this, or have no issues with it, but it’s an age-old twist on our thinking that causes a lot of us to...
Author: Ron P